Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Buena Mano Weekly Challenge

Hello scrappers! I will post a weekly challenge every Friday to keep our scrapbooking adrenalin high. For now wala po munang prize but I think finishing a layout is already a reward dba? Since tomorrow is a holiday and this is our buena mano challenge I'll kick off this challenge a bit early so we have a few extra days to do our very first weekly challenge.
Ready na ba kayo?
Since the past Friday was declared an "Eat dinner with your family" day, I challenge you *naks* to create an LO having a meal with your family and/or friends. Most of the time we tend to forget or don't bother with the journaling, so now I challenge you to write a personal journal to your LO to make it extra special.

Here are a few tips in journaling:
* tell a story
* write a letter or dedication
* question-and-answer
* conversation/text messages
* news story (like making a report)
* hour-by-hour schedule
* compare/contrast
* make a list
* compose a poem
* use your blog posts/personal diary

Tips on how to incorporate journaling in an LO:
*make it the center of attention
* use a box/circle or any shape
* use tags
* write in thin strips of paper
* journal around the edges
* use columns or tabular format
* hide it

For more tips please visit scrapjazz

Benga's tip: Scrapbooking should be fun so free yourselves from stress! pag nahihirapan akong mag-English, I journal in Tagalog =)