Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Challenge #36 : Winner

He judged, She said :

It's really a tough job to judge this challenge because the entries inspired me... ALL of them, in a major major way! So to make things easier for me... I asked my hubby, to help me judge .... and our choice is

Sookie's "Shine" ...
It's beautifully done and we love the message! I never thought that a simple, humble and honest prayer could be a great inspirational journaling for a layout... :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

believe by Benga

design lifted from iPhone wallpaper
with heat embossing and rolled paper flowers

Friday, August 13, 2010

Round Robin Team B - Sookie and Nelvie

Sookie adapated Nelvie's layout and created this sweet and girly page. The rolled paper and cut-out flowers gave dimension to an otherwise simple and flat page.
Fearless by Sookie
Road Trip by Nelvie

Round Robin Team B - Nelvie and Maggie

A liberating burst of colors is what Nelvie presented on her layout, she adapted Maggie's design but added a few more elements to make it her own. The mix of papers is wonderful, the designs complimented each other, giving the layout sugar and spice.

Road Trip by Nelvie

A Day To Remember by Maggie

Round Robin Team B - Maggie and Liza

Maggie's layout captured the feel of a perfect day. She adapted Liza's design, just changing the photo orientation. The photo and the papers are both playful and cute thus it complimented one another making a layout to remember.

A Day To Remember by Maggie

Destiny by Liza

Round Robin Team B - Liza and Cj

Liza's layout is a picture of serenity. Using subtle colors, embellishments that one won't usually use, wonderful techniques and mediums gave her layout dimension and a unique touch. This is truly a beautiful and romantic layout.

Destiny by Liza
Butterfly by Cj

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Round Robin Team B - Cj and Bebang

Stunning us with colors against black cardstock, this layout is chic and funky altogether. The flowers and butterflies made the layout elegant, while the doodle and Hambly transparency made it hip! A really lovely contrast that Cj pulled off.

Butterfly by CJ

Baby Love by Bebang

Round Robin Team B - Team Head Bebang

Bebang lifted Maps' design and made it her own. Using blue paint and red colored embellishments, it highlighted the photo and created a very nice contrast against the white background. A refreshing layout indeed. The addition of die-cuts gave the layout dimension and made the photo stand out.
Baby Love by Bebang

Remember by Maps

Remember by Maps

We would like thank Maps for sharing her layout with us as the base of our Round Robin. Her layout, as always, is wonderful and full of yummy details.

For more details on her layout, please hop on to Maps' blog.

Round Robin Team A - Team Head Bedette

Bedette lifted Maps design from the theme, to the photo placement, the scrolls and the birds. Her choice of pretty felt shapes and brads as embellishments added flair and brightness to her refreshing nature themed page.
all together by Bedette
Remember by Maps

Round Robin Team A - Bheng and Bedette

Bheng played around with the layout design to come up with a very creative and interesting interpretation of Bedette's page. She clustered the photos with the title and borders to pull the design together and draw your attention to the photos. The common elements was still retained like the photo orientation, the borders, journaling spot, birds and flowers with a twist to bring out a bright and playful page.
best friends by Bheng
all Together by Bedette

Round Robin Team A - Beth and Bheng

Beth's adaptation of Bheng's page is very prominent like the borders, photo and title placement were lifted. To add interest to her page she played around with the embellishments to blend with her theme like the trees, flowers, birds and butterflies which added texture and sweetness to her page.

walking in nice weather by Beth (cute#1)

best friends by Bheng

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Round Robin Team A - Jen and Beth

Jen mixed the elements on Beth's page to suit her style. The earthtone, the nature theme, the trees and the butterflies and the title placement were adapted from Beth's page. She added interesting shapes to the border for layers, intricate cutting of the tree and added masking to add a special touch to define her true style.
in His name by Jen
walking in nice weather by Beth (Cute#1)

Round Robin Team A - Lily and Jen

Lily also adapted Jen's overall design with the scalloped papers, the baby photos and photo orientation, the title placement and the butterflies. But her use of bright colors and her own cluster of embellishments convey the theme for her pretty baby girl that made the page completely her own.

2 months old by Lily

in His name by Jen

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Follow Your Heart by Jolanda

From Jolanda :

This is a message I want to give my children…the footprint is from my son,we had a lot of fun making it!!!

Little Pencil by Maggie

Friday, August 6, 2010

Round Robin Team A - The Finale

Marix adapted the overall sketch of Lily's LO with a few twist on changing the title placement and using landscape photos. The prominent clock embellishment, the stamp on the right hand side and the shaped paper was cleverly adapted to transform a pretty baby page into a manly page.
enjoy the ride by Marix

2 months old by Lily

Challenge #36 : This Will Definitely INSPIRE YOU!!!

Brought to you by

Thank you, Made With Love!

Thank you, Bebang!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Challenge #36 : RAK

We're very happy to announce that

is our August Sponsor.

Thank you very much, Made With Love!

Challenge #36 : No Photo Layout Challenge

Bebang motivates us to

Use your favorite technique or style and create a NO-PHOTO layout (12x12)
which will "inspire or motivate" either ourselves or others...

To be more specific:

1. 12x12 layout (no digitals)
3. "inspire or motivate"

Deadline will be on August 30 11:59PM GMT+8.