Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Guestbook pages by Benga

Border puncher; Decorative Scissors; Paper tagger; Stamp; Paper Crimpler; Quickutz

Hole puncher/Corner puncher; Zutter, Stamp;Stapler; Dymo labeler

Sketch from Becky Fleck's mini maps

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Challenge #20 : The Shopaholic Goes Shopping (Again)

As We eagerly await on who will be crowned as the GRAND shophalic, here's the winner for the most number of entries.

Since there was a tie between Cute#1 and CJ, Bheng decided to put them in the magic pouch and draw between them.

The winner for the most number of entries is CJ.

And, now, the moment we are waiting for...

Thank you to Bheng and the Secret Judge for their help in choosing this challenge's winner. It was a tough decision coz' they loved 3 entries. In the end, they put all three entries up for a draw.

It's quite funny though that this challenge's winner is this lady. First, she's known for being the ultimate shophalic in real life and for her LO to win this challenge is really a testimonial that she is the GRAND shopaholic in real and scrap life!

Without further ado,

our GRAND prize winner is CUTE#1! Woohoo!

Thank you, Bheng for this wonderful challenge!

Scrappers, challenge #21 is ongoing! Get those tools now and start scrapping!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Challenge #21 - Tool Time

Do you have tools collecting dust? or a tool you just bought due to adrenalin rush and never even tried using not even once? or do you have a staple/favorite tool that you always use in your projects? Why not bring them all out and start playing!

Here's the rule: Use at least 3 types of tool in your project -a card, an LO, a mini-album, altered items, etc, get crafty!
(just make sure the use of tools are obvious and visible)

Please note that the basic trimmer, ordinary scissors, rulers, mats and craft knife/cutter are excluded since these are the basic tools.

This is how I categorized the tools: ( please call my attention for any queries and clarification)

  1. Stamps - foam, rubber stamp (mounted/unmounted), acrylic/clear, magnetic

  2. Heat embosser/ Heat tool gun

  3. Eyelet setter/grommet tool - (hammer type or instant setter like MM, Cropadile, Big bite, other brands)

  4. Decorative scissors/trimmers

  5. Punchers - border punch, corner puncher, hole puncher, shape puncher

  6. Die cutters/embossers - Sizzix, Revo, Quikutz, Cuttlebug, Craft Robo, Cricut, etc

  7. Binder - Zutter, other brands

  8. Stapler/Fastenater/Paper tagger

  9. Labeler - Dymo, ATB, Brother, other brands

  10. Paper Piercer

  11. Needles/Sewing Machine

  12. Edge distresser/scraper, distressing tool/kit, emery board, sanding block

  13. Texturizer - texture plates like Fiskars, Tim Holtz texturizer hammer and the likes

  14. Paper Crimpler

  15. Stencils

  16. Circle cutter

  17. Flexi ruler/shaped ruler

  18. Tag maker

  19. Tag curler

  20. Mini iron

Please include your list of tools you used when posting/submitting your project/s, thanks!
Tools used: EK circle punch, cropadile, KCK decorative scissors, rubber stamp, heat embossing gun

Be cool... use your tools!!! Have fun creating ;)

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Hero

Confession: (hidden confession)

It all started when I visited JDA for the 1st time by myself. When I left the store, my mind started to make a list of stamps "to buy" already and the picture tells the rest of the story --LOL--

Me & My Prima Flowers by CJ


I Love flowers! I don't know why I can't stop myself from buying. Everytime there's a new arrival, I just got to have it

But I Need It! by CJ

Flowers, stamps & papers are some of the things that I "must" have! (or must I?...) I dont know why I can't just look & appreciate it then leave the store. I don't know...I just need it! (and buy it) hehehe...

My Hanna

Confession :
Oh Hanna, oh Hanna
You make me wanna
buy a lot as if it's not
You make me pensive
I love Hanna
If only there's manna.

Friends of the Same Feather, Shop Together by Cute#1

Confession :
Those cute eyes beckon me...
Those expressions are sweet...
It makes me want to bring home,
One by One they come to me.
Journal :
Precious Moments Event 2005 with my very good friend Gail (Singapore)

Korean Craze by Cute#1

Confession :

Call Me Cheezy
Call Me Senti
But, Korean Series are bliss for me.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shoot, Shot and Scrap by Chipmunk

Confession :

I remember the first scrapbook related purchases I made. It was around Sept. 2007 and I probably spent close to $400. The stores – MWL, Spotlight and Laines. Funnily enough, some of those purchases (rub-ons, stickers, papers) are still sitting in my Ikea scrap table (which, by the way, is probably the single most expensive thing I’ve bought at $220; thank God the Craft Robo was a gift! Hee hee). In any case, I’ve been trying to curb my appetite for paper and embellishments – to cut down on expenses, I will only buy stuff that will fitthe photos I want to scrap (if none of my current stash is enough to finish the layout).Hence I “Shoot, Shop and Scrap”. But occassionally, I indulge myself in a little shoppingfrenzy. (especially on days where I just don’t see the silver lining). *sigh* to shop and to scrap… what bliss….

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shop and Scrap by Andros

Materials Used :
PP's usedBroadway Street (Scenic Route)Zoe Sketch Book (Love, Elsie)All Occasions (Grant Archival)cs, thickers (cream soda), chipboard, Folk-Art acrylic paint (pink & red),making memories scrapbooking colors (cranberry & sea foam), brads,pens, ink (Versa Color - pink & red), prima flowers, Zoe rub-ons (Love, Elsie)
Techniques :
paper cutting, alteration, journaling, stamping, embossing
thickers, tag pads, flowers, pens, buttons, etc.paper tearing, cutting, alteration, journaling, embossing, etc.

Stores And More by Andros

Materials Used :
PP's usedRight-On (Paper Trunk)Sound Waves (GCD Studios)All Occasions (Grant Archival)cs, thickers (cream soda), foam squares, ink (Versa Color - Black), flower,staple, brads, vellum adhesive runner, tracing paper, Happy Trails Chipboard alphabet
Techniques :
paper cutting, stamping, journaling
Confession :
If you are a scrapper then you probably recognize the names of these stores, from magazines,ball pens and other scrapbooking knickknacks youneed, you'd probably find them here...for me, these are must visit store and purchases are inevitable and when to stop buying is another story...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Shoe"paholic by Benga

Bazzill cs; AC pp & vinyl thickers; DCWV epoxy stickers; ribbon, button, shoe die cut foam (tenchu cute#1); sakura souffle pen; uniball signo pen, pilot pen

Machine stitching, doodling, punching

Happy or sad, stressed or relaxed, SALE or not... I love shopping for shoes!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Little Boys Love Shopping Too! by Chinqui


The Great Scrappers AT SG RAK
sponsored by BHENG!

There will be three chances to win :

1. Early Bird (redeemed by soox)
2. Most Number of Entries
3. Grand Prize Winner

So, what are you waiting for? Please send in your entries now and win the fabulous shopaholic RAK above.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Things That Make Me Go Hmnn by Soox

Confession :
I always forget about budget when my LSS has new arrivals or replenishments of pens, AC Thickers and rub-ons. In fact, on December 30, I splurged on MME rub-ons (let's not talk about how many hahaha) and most of them are still unused and sitting prettily in my scrap nook. I don't know if I will be ever use them all. Huhuhu.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Challenge #20 - Shopaholics Corner

Are you a shopaholic? "DONT DENY IT"...

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

1) Do you find yourself spending more than what you intend to spend when you are shopping?
2) Do you tend to feel guilty about your purchases?
3) Have you ever borrowed credit cards from friends and family to shop?
4) When you are depressed or stressed, does shopping makes you feel better?
5) Do you get adrenaline rush when you go shopping?
6) Have you hide or lie about your purchases or how much money you spend from friends or family out of fear that they would get upset?
7) DO you feel like your on top of the world when you go shopping?
8) Have you bought things that you have never used?
9) Do you get excited when you shop and hardly realize how much money you spent?
10) Have you find yourself surrounded by shopping bags and wondering at the end of the month where all your money has gone?

If you answered yes to at least three of these then the chances are that YES you are a shopaholic.

Confess your shopaholic experiences here...All you need to do is join the challenge & include in your LO these items:

1) picture/s of the shopaholic person/s (1 or more, any size, any color, etc)
2) share your shopaholic experience/s (journal)
3) most outrageous things that you bought (ex: purchases you can think of while answering the 10Qs above, like bags, shoes, clothes, etc...can be a photo, cut-outs, stickers, etc)

NO limits on techniques & materials, you can use whatever you have or you can shop for more supplies....

On July 25th @ 1159pm, The lucky shopaholic winner of this challenge shall be rewarded....(with a shopaholic’s RAK) =)

Remember, you are not alone; there are many more of us out there!!!

So have fun and enjoy shopping!!! ;-)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Challenge #19 Winner

Thank you for joining Challenge #19 and we hope that you enjoyed paying tribute to our "dads". Without further ado, here's the choice of our secret judge!

Amidst the very busy LO, my eyes were directed to the photoof the father and his son. The busy-ness actually created drama to the LO, and the photo editing contributed to the dramatic effect as well. A very great LO - all elements arepositioned well. Congratulations, A Father's Love by BENGA! :)

- secret Judge

Thank you, Chinqui for this special challenge and RAK!

Challenge #19 RAK

Grand Daddy by Bheng

Anyone can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy
And a Great Daddy like you gets promoted to Grand Daddy.
I am blessed to have you as a father and a grandfather to my daughter.
We love you always!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

When Mom Says No, Ask Dad! by Cute#1

Journaling :

You were never the disciplinarian, that's Mom!
You love us... Unconditionally.
When we laugh, you are there to share it with us.
When we cry, you are there to comfort us.
Thank you for being our father!