Saturday, July 5, 2008

Challenge #20 - Shopaholics Corner

Are you a shopaholic? "DONT DENY IT"...

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

1) Do you find yourself spending more than what you intend to spend when you are shopping?
2) Do you tend to feel guilty about your purchases?
3) Have you ever borrowed credit cards from friends and family to shop?
4) When you are depressed or stressed, does shopping makes you feel better?
5) Do you get adrenaline rush when you go shopping?
6) Have you hide or lie about your purchases or how much money you spend from friends or family out of fear that they would get upset?
7) DO you feel like your on top of the world when you go shopping?
8) Have you bought things that you have never used?
9) Do you get excited when you shop and hardly realize how much money you spent?
10) Have you find yourself surrounded by shopping bags and wondering at the end of the month where all your money has gone?

If you answered yes to at least three of these then the chances are that YES you are a shopaholic.

Confess your shopaholic experiences here...All you need to do is join the challenge & include in your LO these items:

1) picture/s of the shopaholic person/s (1 or more, any size, any color, etc)
2) share your shopaholic experience/s (journal)
3) most outrageous things that you bought (ex: purchases you can think of while answering the 10Qs above, like bags, shoes, clothes, etc...can be a photo, cut-outs, stickers, etc)

NO limits on techniques & materials, you can use whatever you have or you can shop for more supplies....

On July 25th @ 1159pm, The lucky shopaholic winner of this challenge shall be rewarded....(with a shopaholic’s RAK) =)

Remember, you are not alone; there are many more of us out there!!!

So have fun and enjoy shopping!!! ;-)


Benga said...

Wow! ayan na pakatotoo na tayo hehehe time to let it out ahihihi
this is such a fun challenge bheng and your LO rocks! galing ng mga accents mo, perfect!

Bheng said...

salamat ng marami! =D

jane said...

ang cute! parang mga gamit ni barbie to ah! hehe...