Friday, June 22, 2007

I Wish by Cecel


benga said...

Tenchu mader for letting us post your gorgeous LO! Katats tlga un poem and I love the colors u used, bagay na bagay sa black background =)

salme said...

hi ces, i really like this LO! and i love the poem!

cecel said...

thanks benga and soox..

just wanna share the poem to others :)

** i wish **

I wish to see the face of my children, watch them grow day by day and guide them to learn.

I wish to hear their voices,
their laughter, their cries,
their whispers and their songs.

I wish to care for them,
feed them, clothe them,
spend time with them and
play with them.

I wish to heal their wounds,
wipe their tears,
comfort them, protect them and encourage them.

I wish to teach them to pray,
to hope, to dream and to love .

All these are just wishes for now, for I am childless, and have been waiting for a long time to receive God's gift and to be a mother beyond all compare.

I pray that someday all my wishes will come true...

And a little child will come to me,

hug me and
kiss me and
greet me
"Happy Mother's Day Mama"...

Beth said...

medyo naluha naman ko dun =) ganda ces. dalhin mo naman sa 30. gusto ko makita. kinut mo butterfly?

abby said...

napaiyak ko din ang mga kabahay ko sa poem na yun hehehe.
nainspire ako gumawa din ng LO na black ang background kaso wala pa akong makitang pix na bagay sa black =) galing mader! gawa pa! hehehe