Tuesday, June 19, 2007

She by Soox

Materials Used

Scenic Route patterned paper, yellow and green Bazzil cardstock, black Colormates cardstock, Heidi Grace Alpha, rick racks


Paper cutting. Although I am very poor with scissors, I tried this technique to create a stack flower look. The patterned paper is very nice, Elvira from MWL recommened it to me when she saw the rick rack ribbons that I bought.

Paper tearing. My sister told me before that I can make a career out of paper tearing. Not because I tear nicely, but because I use it in most of my LOs, cards, invitations. I tore the black cardstock without any sense of directions. Then, I colored it with my white gel pen.

Doodling. My current fave. I wrote my journal freestyle and created my own font (haha!) in white gel pen. I then put three dots each on some of the letters in pink gel pen.


She designed a life she love. Celebrate her.


benga said...

Akala ko rub-on yun font, ang ganda very creative doodling, pati un flower cut-outs, bagay nga sya dun sa ricrac. Gawa pa ulit =)

Beth said...

sooox deadma mo naman sms ko regarding tong LO mo hmph!
ang ganda! piktyuran mo ulet para lumabas yung color nung patterned paper.

abby said...

wow! how i wish makapagdoodle din ako ng ganyan. super pangit ng handwriting ko daig ko pa doktor hehehe.
galing! tama si benga gawa pa!! hehehe =)

salme said...

thank you po! love ko na doodling hehehe sana lang wag sa lahat ng LO hahaha pero pede din ha, basta ba magkaroon ako ng love, xoos line hehehe