Thursday, September 27, 2007

8 Months by Chipmunk

Materials used:

Bazzil textured paper – Aloe Vera, Leap frog, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Light Pink, Arizona , Sweetheart, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Peach

Metallic Textured paper – Pink, Yellow, Orange

Ink – Versa Color Bisque

Craft paint (Sparkle) – Bright Rose

3d Adhesive foam


Paper piecing – flowers, bees and number 8
Tearing – light green "grass" background


The camera was set and you were in place
The wooden side table was draped with a white throw blanket
And it crinkled when you sat down
Then you saw the candles
And as the tiny flames lit up
So did your face
Our sweet little summer baby
8 months and growing


8 Gabrielle
months – Garamond
text – Calvin and Hobbes


salme said...

hi chipmunk, ang ganda po nito! at ang galing ng mga paper piecing mo.

liliput said...

oo nga ang galing :)

Cute#1 said...

ang tyaga magtrace n cut =) ang ganda po ng LO mo =)

Benga said...

hi there! welcome sa group! ganda ng pag mix mo ng flowers at saka un number 8 ang galing!