Monday, November 26, 2007

Flight #10 Singapore to ----- DELAYED

So, the plane is stucked. Overnight! And, no matter how much whining and ranting we do, the plane just wouldn't leave. Mechanical error or something?!?! Duhhh!

But, wait! Listen... The airline just announced that they will provide accomodation here in Singapore. Here are some of the choices!

1. Sentosa --- underwater or above water?
2. Jurong Bird Park --- a lot of cages to choose from!
3. Singapore Zooligical Garden --- your choice of natural "habitat"!
4. Night Safari --- for the insomiac!

and others (Escape, Esplanade, Costa Sands, etc.)

Please inform the ground steward of your choice before you leave the airport. ***The first to "inform" the steward will get an additional RAK!

This is a one day offer by the airline due to the inconvenience caused.

Please check back in on Tuesday. The plane is sure to leave by then to your preferred destination!

*** The first to submit an LO with a photo taken on one of Singapore's tourist spots wins a RAK!

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