Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hope by Cecel


Although the doctor told us that we have zero chance of natural pregnancy, we never lost HOPE. Yes, we felt sad for a while, but we believe God will lead the way. And He led us to IVF.

After almost 2 months of frequent visits to the hospital, weeks of self injection, ultrasounds and medications, we were blessed with 2 embryos. Now, we are waiting and praying that both of them will implant. Hoping that we will be blessed with a boy and a girl.


salme said...

Kakabilib kayo Ces... Just believe and trust the Lord.

Benga said...

wow, what a heartfelt journaling and your LO is soo pretty! Jurwang and Procopio are always in my prayers :)

cecel said...

thanks guys

salme said...

nakita ni andi ito, sabi nya "wow, so nice, i like it!" hehehe